Private and Personalized
Abuse Recovery Treatment
In The Tropics
Chiang Mai - Northern Thailand

The New Paradigm approach addresses the deep root causes of your trauma or your perception of it, allowing you to overcome the abuse and trauma you suffered and re-gaining control over your emotional stability.

'New Paradigm' is different

Why New Paradigm
  • Maximum 1 or 2 Clients at one time
  • 6 Staff to 1 Client - Ratio
  • World Wide ‘A’ List Client Base
  • Certified Instructors and Practitioners
  • Endorsed by “Victims of Crime Tribunal” Melbourne Australia
  • 20+ years of Experience and Highest Success Rates

By combining the traditional wisdom of body and mind revitalization with the latest scientific research in neurobiology, we effectively reset your biochemistry, giving you the ability to regain control of your life and fully experience its joys, untainted by fear, anger or anxiety.

Personalized treatment for victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse

When treating the victims of abuse whether it is physical, emotional or sexual, it is critical to understand the methods in doing so are as varied as the symptoms the victim is experiencing, therefore requiring special care and the meticulous unraveling of all layers affected by the abuse and trauma.

Our specialized treatment for abuse victims is carefully tailored to the specifics of abuse you have endured, the type of personality you are, your current and past situation in life, and the realistic assessment of your potential and capabilities.

New Paradigm’s abuse recovery program focuses on returning your self-esteem and self-worth. The removal of associated guilt patterns, anger management, prevention or correction of addictive behaviors and in case of sexual abuse, removal of negative emotional associations thus re-establishing a healthy sexuality.

Changing the connection with The Root Causes of Abuse

Root cause of trauma may seem obvious at first, however there are specific psychological foundations which are different in every person and often reinforce the traumatic effects of abuse through self inflicted emotional pain.

Who you were back then - when the trauma happened - is not who you are today. We help you achieve the emotional distancing between yourself today and the past events, for you to permanently realize who you are without the trauma.

By working actively with you, we will help you overcome the often sub-conscious victim mentality, anxiety, destructive behaviors and the ways they control your personality, relationships, and your life.

By overcoming the insecurity and fears associated with the abuse you experienced, New Paradigm’s personal treatment program for victims of abuse, provides you with all the required tools and experience to recognize the triggers which set you back emotionally and psychologically and the methods and techniques to face these challenges and therefore regain control of your life and who you truly are.

The Holistic and Scientific Approach treatment of abuse

In order to achieve emotional balance it is important to also address the physical and not just the emotional/psychological state. Our approach to treatment of abuse victims is based on a proven process of improving your overall physical well-being. It creates a strong physiological base which makes you feel stronger and prepares you to face upcomming challenges.

Calming the mind and achieving inner peace is another key to help you in this process.

By putting the past abuse into a new perspective and by strengthening a healthy relationship with the purest part of your personality, you regain the ability to fully experience life and its joy’s, untainted by fear, anger and anxiety.

Each aspect of our proprietary 5 domain approach will be carefully modified to suit your current emotional, mental and physical state so you will achieve maximum results and consequently the freedom from the grip which past abuse holds over you.


Our discrete and peaceful recovery center in Chiang Mai, Thailand, provides you with a perfect environment to focus on rebuilding yourself in absolute tranquility and privacy.

20+ years of expert guidance in recovery treatments for abuse victims, brought to you in an empathic and caring manner, giving you back control over your life.

All counseling is done one-on-one, by our in-house expert whose vast experience in working with abuse victims will benefit you immensely. Not only do we care about helping you overcome the trauma of abuse - we know and have proven how to do it.

Intense and effective program in removing the emotional connections between you and the abuse you suffered. The treatment is personalized to you, targeting the very essence of your suffering, thus helping you to achieve freedom from emotional control.

The Five Domain Approach

Five interrelated domains provide a balanced structure that propels you in the direction of your goals.
Starting with emotional balance, working towards physical health and completing with mindful awareness.

please keep in mind that due to a highly personalized nature of our programs

and our absolute, 100% commitment to each client,

we accept maximum 2 persons at any given time!