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Burnout Treatment Centre
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The New Paradigm approach addresses the deep root causes of burnout or your perception of it, allowing you to overcome your burnout and re-gaining control over your emotional and physical stability.

'New Paradigm' is different

Why New Paradigm

  • Maximum 1 or 2 Clients at one time
  • 6 Staff to 1 Client - Ratio
  • World Wide ‘A’ List Client Base
  • Certified Instructors and Practitioners
  • 20+ years of Experience and Highest Success Rates

By combining the traditional wisdom of body and mind revitalization with the latest scientific research in neuro-biology, we effectively reset your biochemistry, giving you the ability to regain control of your life and fully experience its joys, untainted by fear, anger or anxiety.

Personalized treatment of burnout

It goes without saying that in order to treat different types of burnout, one must take a different approach to each individual personality, regardless if they are experiencing a long time chronic burnout or a depressive episode.

While certain symptoms span across an array of depressive disorders, specific manifestations and causes are deeply personal and rooted in one’s own perception and individual experiences. Understanding this personal and individual aspect is essential in the successful treatment of depression.

The personalised New Paradigm burnout recovery program focuses on more than just common symptoms. We address these as a starting point, but as the treatment progresses we target the particularities of your burnout and how it ties into you as an individual. Together we define and apply a highly successful and tailored program suited to your type of burnout and your personality.

This way, we achieve maximum results in correcting the root causes of burnout, its symptoms and somatic effects.

Treating The Root Causes of burnout

To understand what causes burnout in any of its variants, it is important to understand the neurobiology behind it. burnout is often seen only through the symptoms it causes, as a general feeling of sadness, lack of motivation or joy in life, feeling down or hopeless. However, as humans we need to be able to experience a wide array of emotions - including these “negative” ones.

It is perfectly normal to feel sad or down at times - that feeling, in and of itself is not depression. It is a normal human emotion. The problem starts when one is unable to reset from this state to an emotional “Zero Point” - or the general state of feeling content and satisfied.

This Zero Point state is extremely important as it is based in a good balance of the brain’s biochemistry, and in effect an emotional and mental stability. It is from this balanced emotional state that we can experience elevated emotions of happiness, joy and creativity, and to which we should be able to return when we are dealing with stressful emotions such as anxiety, fear, sadness, de-motivation etc.

Holistic and Scientific Approach to burnout treatment

Two of the most promising and effective non-chemical treatments for depression revolve around improving the general physiological health of your body. Physical exercise and the restoration of healthy gut flora. The New Paradigm depression treatment is very much aligned with this view.

It is important to recover the healthy biochemistry of the body which in turn will serve as the base from which to recover your mind.

Numerous studies have shown that a change in posture, physical activity and flexibility of the body are in direct correlation with the mental and emotional states one is experiencing.

Similarly, what you eat is directly related to your overall biochemistry. Yes, a lot of the brain’s biochemistry can be corrected, influenced and modified through the use of medication and drugs, but this will only mask the root issues and interfere with the body’s ability to reset itself and provide you with a fresh jump start.

It is our firm belief that by helping you restore your body, while treating your burnout and psychological issues - we can help you restore your mental and emotional well-being as well.

This approach, when combined with highly targeted counseling sessions and empathic understanding of your particular depressive disorder, is a foolproof formula to achieving powerful and exciting results on your path to a permanent recovery from burnout.


A private retreat in a tropical environment on the beautiful outskirts of Chiang Mai, Norhtern Thailand, will help you regain your emotional balance.

For more than 20+ years we have helped clients overcome their depression and burnout - we understand what is needed and how to apply the care and guidance you need.

Personalized one-on-one sessions with experienced and skilled experts has created an outstanding track record of successful burnout treatment.

Our proven and efficient therapy for depression and/or burnout will be customized to you, targeting the specific type of emotional imbalance you are experiencing so that you can achieve positive and permanent lasting results.

At New Paradigm, we define what triggers a burnout episode, what stops you from recovering to a stable emotional state and what tools are the best for you as an individual - based on your personality and your lifestyle. This way, together - we achieve optimum long term results in your recovery from burnout.

The Five Domain Approach

Five interrelated domains provide a balanced structure that propels you in the direction of your goals.
Starting with emotional balance, working towards physical health and completing with mindful awareness.

please keep in mind that due to a highly personalized nature of our programs

and our absolute, 100% commitment to each client,

we accept maximum 2 persons at any given time!