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Jenna  (33)
Jenna (33)Canada

“I have been to over 15 counsellors in my life regarding my PTSD and trauma, with no success with treatment. I decided I needed a more holistic and spiritual kind of treatment, so I found New Paradigm.

The first week was extremely difficult. I hit rock bottom and I begged my husband to let me come home. All of a sudden, something switched in me and I began to truly relax and let go. I have never felt so content and at peace with myself as I do now.

Dirk and the staff are amazing, and Dirk couldn't be more knowledgable. I am thinking of making this an annual retreat for myself as this was the best thing I have ever done for myself.”

Jenna M.

David  (44)
Jeff  (32)USA

“ It was an honor and privilege to have been in the best trauma recovery center in the world for me. It was exactly what you advertised it to be. You delivered."


Brian  (41)
Brian (41)U.S.A

“The program, Dirk, and his amazing staff, have helped me figure out the true meaning of life. Before joining his program I was lost, suffering and abusing myself with drugs and alcohol daily. I felt as though I was on a roller coaster and couldn’t get off.I had pushed my wife as far as she could go, and she was about to leave me forever. I had suicidal thoughts and got to a breaking point where I knew something had to happen… Dirk, you were the man who made it happen!”

Monica  (26)
Sonia (24)Belgium

“Dear Dirk, I would like to thank you so much for all you did for me and the new life that I'm living now. I was abused at a young age and got addicted to several different drugs and medications for many years and started a brand-new life thanks to Dirk Lambert and his program."


Lisa  (54)
Lisa (54)U.S.A.

“When I arrived at the retreat, I was not sure that I could make it through the program.It took me a few days to figure out why Dirk kept telling me to relax. I have never felt  so at peace in my entire life. I have never felt so safe.My journey to recovery unfolded as the days passed.”


Cori  (32)
Paul (45)Kansas USA

 Dear Dirk,

Tell Toon that I am continuing my meditation. That as well sort of threw the people on the ship. "Hey, what the hell is the captain doing sitting on the bow in the lotus position." It's cool though, I feel really good physically (exercising daily), mentally and spiritually. I also brought my Bible and have been reading that everyday. I started reading the four agreements yesterday - that's a good book. I plan on reading it a few times.
So yea, everything is on track. Thanks again for everything and opening my eyes to a lot of things, and bringing back to the surface many things that I had been suppressing in a locked drawer somewhere in my consciousness. Okay bro, I won't keep you all day. I know your busy. I hope it's going well with your new clients. I hope your getting some time with your son. He's a great kid. Take good care and drop a line when you can. I'll be in touch soon. Thanks for everything."


Richard (36)
Richard (36)Melbourne, Australia

“Dirk gave me the tools I needed to practice sobriety in my daily life. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to reach inside for the answers and is truly ready to heal. I plan on going back every year or so to fast and renew my commitment to myself. Thank you so much for the love, guidance and support. Dirk, you are the best.”


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