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PTSD Treatment In The Tropics
Chiang Mai - Northern Thailand

The New Paradigm approach addresses the deep root causes of your trauma or your perception of it, allowing you to overcome PTSD and re-gaining control over your emotional stability.

'New Paradigm' is different

Why New Paradigm
  • Maximum 1 or 2 Clients at one time
  • 6 Staff to 1 Client - Ratio
  • World Wide ‘A’ List Client Base
  • Certified Instructors and Practitioners
  • Endorsed by “Victims of Crime Tribunal” Melbourne Australia
  • 20+ years of Experience and Highest Success Rates

By combining the traditional wisdom of body and mind revitalization with the latest scientific research in neurobiology, we effectively reset your biochemistry, giving you the ability to regain control of your life and fully experience its joys, untainted by fear, anger or anxiety.

High Intensity PTSD treatment tailored specificaly for you

Each of us experiences traumatic events differently. What is devastating to some people is often of a lesser concern to others and vice versa. So just as the same traumatic events don't affect everyone in the same way, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment to PTSD.

Using the successful and proprietary 5 domains approach as the main structure of the New Paradigm programs, we work together with you to address the specifics of your trauma and how it affects your life. By looking both into the root causes and your current perception of your trauma we built a highly targeted treatment solution tailored to you, your personality, lifestyle and current emotional state.

Addressing the root causes of PTSD

PTSD is often incorrectly associated only with the military or identified as a psychological combat trauma. However, this is just a tiny fraction of an array of different reasons why a person may develop a post traumatic syndrome.

As its name implies it is a psychological reaction to a traumatic event which had a profound and intense emotional impact.

From being a victim of bullying, mobbing or any other type a physical and/or psychological abuse to a loss of a loved one, surviving an accident, rape, illness or any other type of situation where your life and well being were in danger.

There is no small trauma

Any trauma is big if it has an effect on your emotional state, physical well-being and overall quality of life.

The trouble is, we are often unaware of the root causes and how they impact our self-esteem, our daily activities and our mindset.

At times PTSD is triggered by seemingly unrelated events, while it is important to address the triggers of PTSD - as long as the deeply rooted causes are not brought into perspective, the healing process cannot start.

At New Paradigm we focus on discovering these root causes of trauma and finding the best methods for you to break the connection between these events and the grip they have on your life.

PTSD Treatment from Holistic and scientific perspective

There is a lot of positive things to be said about conventional treatment methods, but in reality these methods are likely to take a long time and often use a pharmaceutical approach which often leads to chemical dependencies, requiring constant if not permanent supervision of a medical professional. This inevitably leads to an array of side effects, physical issues and dependencies.

The New Paradigm personal approach focuses on maximising self-reliance by putting you in charge of your life, your emotional responses and providing you with a clear understanding of what is going on within you and how to handle emotional challenges, not only regarding the past trauma but also in relation to what the future holds.

The Five Domain Approach

Five interrelated domains provide a balanced structure that propels you in the direction of your goals.
Starting with emotional balance, working towards physical health and completing with mindful awareness.

please keep in mind that due to a highly personalized nature of our programs

and our absolute, 100% commitment to each client,

we accept maximum 2 persons at any given time!