Our Recovery Programs

Private Treatment in a Tropical Setting

Daily regiment of 1-on-1 :

  • Personalized Counseling Sessions 
  • ACBT (Alternative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • REMMT Therapy (Rapid Eye Movement Meditation)
  • Yoga and Stretching 
  • Swedish Sauna
  • Shiatsu (Acupressure Massage)
  • Self Defense and Martial Arts 
  • Meditation and Visualisation Techniques
  • Pranayama WHM Breathing (Wim Hof Breathing Method)

By combining the above treatments and therapies with the Traditional Asian Wisdom of Mindfulness and Revitalization, we effectively reset your body and mind biochemistry. This gives you the ability to regain control of your life and fully experience joy without fear, anger, and anxiety.

Private PTSD Treatment in Tropical Setting

Enjoy the scenery of a tropical Northern Thailand setting while you receive intensive care recovery programs that are limited to just 3 or 4 clients at a time.

We work one-on-one with you to create a highly personalized and holistic treatment plan (that) which combines daily counseling with physical exercise and educational activities.

Most of our guests find this tailored approach more effective than “12 step” and similar programs.

Better Things are Coming
Burnout Recovery Counseling

Personal Attention

Our unique seven domain approach promotes complete recovery, physical wellness, and mental well-being. Each recovery program is led by skilled, trained professionals dedicated to provide you with personalized attention.

All Personal Recovery programs begin with one-on-one counseling combined with a range of daily activities such as yoga, meditation, saunas, swimming, Thai massage, and guided country walks.


Our educational lifestyle workshops cover everything from nutrition and cooking to self-expression and confidence building.

Each visitor is cared for by one single counselor, and we maintain a ratio of 6 support staff per one client.

New Paradigm Yoga

High Intensity PTSD treatment tailored to you

We all experience traumatic events differently. What’s devastating to one person might be of lesser impact to others, and vice versa. Just as the same traumatic event doesn’t affect everyone in the same way, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for PTSD. A customized approach renders a more permanent results.

Using the successful and proprietary 8 domains approach as the main structure of the New Paradigm programs, we work together with you to address the specifics of your trauma and how it affects your life.

By looking both into the root causes, and your current perception of your trauma we built a highly targeted treatment solution tailored to you, your personality, lifestyle, and current emotional state.

Addressing the root causes of PTSD

PTSD is often misconceived as something that only impacts military personnel who experienced combat, but combat-related PTSD is just a fraction of what we see. There is a surprising array of reasons why one might develop PTSD.

As its name implies it is a psychological reaction to a traumatic event which has had a profound and intense emotional impact.

These events can range from being a victim of bullying, mobbing, or any other type of physical and/or psychological abuse, to the loss of a loved one, surviving an accident, rape, illness, or any other type of situation where your life and well being were in danger.

There is no small trauma

Any trauma is major if it takes a toll on your emotional state, physical well-being, and overall quality of life. The issue is that we are often unaware of the root causes and how these impact our self-esteem, our daily activities, and our mindset.

At times PTSD is triggered by seemingly unrelated events. While it is important to address the triggers of PTSD,as long as the deeply rooted causes are not brought into perspective, the healing process cannot start.

At New Paradigm we focus on discovering these root causes of trauma and finding the best methods for you to break the connection between these events and the grip they have on your life.

PTSD Treatment from Holistic and scientific perspective

Conventional treatment methods can be effective, but in reality, these methods take longer time and often implement pharmaceutical treatments that can lead to substance dependency. This approach can yield various side effects and issues, while personalized holistic approach avoids most of these complications.

The New Paradigm personal approach focuses on maximizing self-reliance by putting you in charge of your life, your emotional responses and providing you with a clear understanding of what is going on within you and how to handle emotional challenges, not only regarding the past trauma but also in relation to what the future holds.

The "Eight Domain" Approach

Seven interrelated domains provide a balanced lifestyle structure that propels you towards your goals, beginning with emotional balance, working towards physical health, and reaching completion with mindful awareness.


Pranayama breathing exercises combined with the Wim Hof Method, Dynamic Meditation, Self Confidence Training, and one-on-one cognitive therapy and counseling.

Self Improvement


Daily exercise, swimming, sauna, martial arts, flexibility routines, weight management advice, cleansing and detoxing protocols to build and maintain core strength from the ground up.

Daily Physical Excersise


Discover your inner nature, peace, and harmony with yourself and the connection you have with the universe, the outside world, and the life force around you.



Nutritional and dietary advice with instructions for 18/21 live food diet, pH balancing, blood type diet, personalized menus, and cooking classes.

Nutrition and Dietary Advice


Marital or relationship issues are dynamic. Relationship counseling concentrates on learning how to take personal responsibility, how to negotiate, resolve conflicts, and make amends.



Enjoy rest and contemplation, as well as fun activities that support new behavior patterns: swimming, nature walks, ATV off-road adventures, to name a few.



Achieving financial stability and success in what you do is extremely important. However, fulfilling career goals means nothing if it leaves you resentful, burnt out, or lonely. Learn how to achieve the ideal balance in work, career, and intimacy.

New Paradigm Yoga

Our Daily Schedule (Example)

06:00 Morning walk/exercise
07:00 Swimming, Jacuzzi and Sauna
08:00 Supplements and Juice
08:10 Breakfast
09:00 Yoga and Meditation
10:30 Motivational Coaching or Counselling session
12:00 Supplements and Juice
12:10 Lunch
13:00 Relaxation
14:00 Physical Training (Fitness, Muay Thai, Aikido, Self Defence)
15:30 Massage
16:30 Relaxation
17:00 Lifestyle Workshop
18:00 Supplements and Juice or Broth
18:10 Dinner
19:00 Optional evening walk
20:00 Relaxation
21:00 Lights out


All Our Recovery Programs include:

  • Airport Pickup
  • Medical Checkup
  • Blood Analysis
  • Herbal Supplements
  • Treatments like Massages, Acupuncture, etc
  • All Meals and Beverages
  • Full Service Accommodation
  • One-on-One Counselling Sessions
  • Courses, Classes and Workshops
  • Entertainment and Excursions
  • General Transportation (if required)
  • Airport Drop Off

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