Why Choose Our Holistic Recovery Center?

Private Treatment in a Tropical Setting

'New Paradigm' is Innovative

Why New Paradigm
  • 3-4 clients at one time
  • 6:1 staff to client ratio
  • worldwide ‘A’ list client base
  • certified instructors and practitioners
  • Endorsed by the “Victims of Crime Tribunal” Melbourne Australia
  • 20+ years of experience and high success rates

At New Paradigm, recovery programs are designed to put quality before quantity by working one-on-one with each client in our intensive, customized programs.

With the “Eight Domain” approach, our highly professional staff creates a step-by-step blueprint for personal accountability that include physical, mental, and emotional aspects. With this framework in base, you will benefit from a successful, long-lasting recovery.

In addition, a follow-up consultation period helps you stay on track.

Thailand’s First Recovery Center

Dirk Lambert founded Thailand’s first recovery center in 1999. New Body And Mind was located on the island of Koh Samui and expanded to three locations serving thousands of clients over the course of 15 years.


About The Founder

Dirk "Nino" J. Lambert (MSc.)

Dirk Lambert, founder and senior counselor at New Paradigm, is an accredited PTSD and trauma therapist with 20+ years of experience. 
He is a twice-ordained Buddhist Monk and regarded as one of the leading experts on alternative and holistic therapies.

Abuse, Suffering and Depression

While he’s a highly regarded expert in his field, his beginnings entailed abuse, suffering, and depression during his teenage years, and this subsequently led to substance abuse and addiction.

Dirk Para

Commando and Business Executive

Eventually, he pulled himself from this downward spiral and joined the military in Marche Les Dammes, Belgium, where he completed Para Commando Training. Later, he became a non commissioned officer (NCO) with the 1st Cavalry Belgium Army as a drill instructor and tank commander on CVRT stationed at the East German border in Germany.

Dirk went on to qualify as a IBM at AT&T systems engineer and excelled in each of his information tech businesses he created next in Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. 

Still, he didn’t feel complete. Money and fame was abundant but left him feeling empty and dissatisfied. 

Despite success, money and fame feeling empty and dissatisfied

Dirk finally began to feel whole when he began to help others as a volunteer and PTSD counselor for U.S. war veterans in Vietnam. He accompanied, coached, and counselled them on their recovery journeys. 

Those heavily traumatised ex-soldiers returned to Vietnam for the first time after the war with the sole objective of healing their emotional scars and putting their demons to rest.

Dirk American Chamber of Commerce
Dirk Practitioner

Starting the First Rehabilitation and Recovery Center in Thailand

In 2000, Dirk launched Thailand’s first alternative rehab and recovery center, which expanded to three locations. Over the next fifteen years, Dirk would help countless clients and study Chinese Herbal Medicine. 

In 2005, he became certified as a Live Blood Analysis Technician and Practitioner by Metagenics Australia. 

Ordained as Buddhist Monk

In 2015, and again in 2018, Dirk was ordained as a Buddhist monk and worked as a senior counselor and advisor for the world-renowned Wat Tham Krabok drug rehab center in Thailand. 

In 2008, he launched New Paradigm, which is also an official treatment center for sexual abuse victims per the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal in Melbourne, Australia.

Dirk Monk

About the Team

Certified Practitioners and Instructors

Team Member - Serge

Dr. Serge Drieu

M.D. Ph.D. in Medicine Rijks Universiteit Gent  June1983
Pilates master trainer
Watsu, NLP, Life coaching
Consultant for New Paradigm guests since 2009
Fluent in French, Dutch, English and German.

Team Member - Serge

Dr. Serge Drieu

He holds a Ph.D. in Medicine from Rijks Universiteit Gent, is a Pilates master trainer and Watsu instructor, and is an accredited life coach (NLP). 

Dr. Drieu is fluent in French, Dutch, English, and German, and he’s been a New Paradigm consultant since 2009.

Khanitha Harasai

General Manager
Executive Chef

She is a certified TAT guide and holds a masters degree in business and administration and a masters degree in education.

Team Member - Kae
Team Member - Kae

Khanitha Harasai

General Manager
Executive Chef

Masters Degree in Business and Administration (MBA)
Masters Degree in Education (Chiang Mai University)
Certified TAT Guide (Chiang Mai University)

Team Member - Noom

Noom Yaca

Operations Manager
Senior Martial Arts Instructor

He has 15 years of experience and has been with New Paradigm for 5 years.

Noom is also a retired national Thai boxing champion. 

Team Member - Noom

Noom Yaca

Operations Manager
Senior Martial Arts Instructor

15 Years Experience
5 Years with New Paradigm
Retired National Thai Boxing Champion

K. Peony Harrow

She is a certified yoga instructor (Yoga World)
and holds qualification from Bkk Yoga Institute.

K. Peony specializes in Hatha yoga and Pranayama breathing,
and she is a Poney team member. 

Team Member - Poney
Team Member - Poney

K. Peony Harrow

Certified Yoga Instructor by Yoga World
Qualification from Bkk Yoga Institute
Specialized in Hatha Yoga and Pranayama Breathing
Team Member - Poney

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