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New Paradigm is a collective of professionals that truly understands what depression is,
where it stems from and the methods available to help you live a meaningful life.

Recovery Treatment for Depression & Burnout

Depression is almost impossible to explain to the people around you and It’s even difficult to understand yourself. This is because by its nature, depression is much more than a state of mind, and due to its complexity, its treatment requires a specialised approach.

Many who suffer from depression hesitate to reach out for help because of the self-imposed stigma that comes with it. Yet if they can break through that barrier and be truthful about their condition, treatment is available.

Our recovery programme for depression is based on the understanding that every person is different, with their own set of circumstances. It is from this viewpoint that we offer the unique services of our depression wellness retreat and depression rehab.

With its beautiful natural environment and relaxed approach to life, Thailand is the ideal place to start on the path to a fulfilling life, and New Paradigm, which enjoys a delightful setting near Chiang Mai in the north, is widely considered to be the top depression retreat Thailand has on offer.

The New Paradigm treatment team is lead by "Nino" Dirk J. Lambert (MSc.), a recognized depression and trauma counselor with more than 20 years of field experience. He is an ordained Buddhist monk and specialist on alternative health care and eastern therapies including TCM (Chinese Traditional Medicine).

  Please note that New Paradigm is not a Medical Facility and that we are not offering any Medical Treatments.  
  If you are suffering from PTSD or Depression please contact a Medical Professional.  
  New Paradigm is a Recovery Center using only alternative treatments like Meditation, Yoga, and Counseling.  

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Why New Paradigm Depression Retreat in Thailand?

Mental Health is an extremely complex subject since so many variables are involved, and for this reason, there is no single approach to depression treatment. The cause of depression and anxiety is completely different from one person to another.

That is why our treatment centre for depression utilises a combination of therapies to address each individual and their unique situation.

One such therapy is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which can help you understand the underlying trauma or experiences that trigger depression.

Reprocessing past traumas in a controlled setting, where you have the support and guidance to help you reassign those traumas, is a powerful tool on the path to recovery.

New Paradigm is far more than just a rehab for depression; it is a place to fully reconnect with your sense of self-esteem and develop the qualities that serve you while letting go of those that no longer do.

We provide you with a platform from which to address your life with a sense of balance and understanding what to add to or subtract from the scales.

Your experience here will transcend the constructs of therapy while you learn to find joy again in the magnificent planet we live upon.

Inpatient Treatment
for Depression

Depression is such a pervasive disorder that it can require extensive, regular therapy to be properly addressed. It isn’t just the feeling, as many people think, of being down or sad, but rather an unfathomably deep state of being in which a person is incapable of feeling or understanding happiness.

In fact, this negative state of being can be so deep that it prevents many people from seeking help for depression, but there is light at the end of the hallway. Indeed, there are many doorways out of the halls of depression. Once you take that first big step of acknowledging the condition, you’ll find that the path to positive mental health isn’t a journey you have to make alone.

At the New Paradigm private depression treatment centre you will find our highly trained and friendly staff has the experience necessary to help you to  negotiate this challenging time and to open some of those doors that have been locked for so long.
Our inpatient treatment for depression programme is considered one of the best in South East Asia and among the top international treatment centres for the condition.

In the right setting, recovery from depression can be a very positive experience and being in treatment is probably not at all as you imagine it. With our holistic approach, daily activities and exciting excursions, our treatment programme goes far beyond traditional therapy, and you’ll soon find yourself enjoying the majestic nature and culture of Thailand.

Take that first, important step and contact New Paradigm today. You may be surprised by how we can help you.  
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Residential Treatment for Depression FAQ’s

Where to get depression help?

If you are experiencing the symptoms of depression, you should know that treatment is available. Try calling a hotline if you are feeling overwhelmed. If the condition persists, contact a treatment centre and ask about their approach to the treatment of depression and other mental health issues.
Since everyone is different and the underlying reasons for their depression are complex, multifaceted treatments have been developed and many have proven to be successful. In serious cases one may want to seek inpatient depression treatment facilities or a rehab centre. Thailand has become a popular rehab destination due to the number of professional depression rehab centres, their affordability and the country’s beautiful environment.

Is there a cure for depression?

There are various treatments that can alleviate the symptoms of depression, including pharmaceuticals to address chemical imbalances in the brain.
However, to treat the root cause of depression, treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), alternative cognitive behavioural therapy (ACBT) and even various forms of hypnosis can significantly improve overall mental health.
To date, there is no known “cure” for clinical depression but that doesn’t mean that those who suffer from it cannot live a fulfilling and meaningful life with treatment.

What are the treatments for depression?

Although the reasons for depression are not fully understood, treatment centres for depression employ a number of methods, namely:

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
• Interpersonal Therapy
• Psychodynamic Therapy
• Hypnosis

Those suffering from depression may choose to attend an outpatient depression treatment centre, an inpatient treatment centre or a retreat for depression.

Can you go to rehab for depression?

Yes you can. Rehabs are often thought of as being solely for the treatment of alcohol or drug addiction, but some rehabs run programmes specifically designed for depressives. Support groups, psychotherapy and psychiatry can play a big part in the treatment of depression.
Depending on the severity of the symptoms, a person may need a higher level of care such as a depression and anxiety rehab in order to see improvement. Many residential rehab centres treat co-occurrence, meaning that a person experiencing severe depression and addiction concurrently can find the necessary care by addressing both within the same establishment.
Along with traditional treatment methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy, some facilities offer holistic therapy as well as excursions and trips included in their programmes.

What is a wellness retreat for depression?

Typically a wellness retreat for depression is similar to a depression rehabilitation programme. Retreats are a way to offer a person experiencing depression the opportunity to take a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life. This can be helpful as depression is often triggered by external factors in a person's environment.
A retreat offers a person the chance to unwind in supportive surroundings while in the company of medical professionals, commonly in idyllic locations such as Thailand. Besides offering counselling sessions with experts in the field of mental health, these retreats also focus on relaxation as well as addressing a person's diet, energy levels and exercise routines.
Often the reason for a person experiencing depression is related to their overall physical wellbeing. What a person eats regularly can have a negative effect on their state of mind, as can a lack of exercise. By spending time in a retreat a person can reorganise their routine and return to their daily life with a new set of tools to recognize when depression is being triggered.
By understanding what brings on a bout of depression, a person has a better chance of avoiding those triggers and getting on with their everyday life.

Why choose a Thailand rehab for depression?

Perhaps the most obvious reason is that Thailand offers an extraordinarily beautiful environment in which to regain a zest for life. Yet it is also significant that as a predominantly Buddhist country, helpful notions such as non-attachment are practised in everyday life. However, the main reason must be the wide availability of high-level, professional treatment. In recent years Thailand has seen a massive boom in medical tourism, since it offers top-notch, Western-style medical care at a fraction of the cost compared to Western nations.
With Thailand’s affordable cost of living and world-class activities such as diving, rock climbing and trekking, many well-respected medical professionals have chosen to make the country their home. This in turn presents people seeking treatment with the opportunity to consult medical professionals that otherwise they could not afford. Facilities for depression treatment in Thailand often surpass those in other countries, with many offering 5-star accommodation and gourmet meal plans. Considering all these factors, Thailand is an extremely desirable place in which to recover from depression.

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